Day 5… Caprivi to Etosha

Howzit! (Hello in South African slang)

We had a long and hot day in the saddle. We did just over 600km from Divundu to Etosha. The roads are in extremely good condition with almost zero potholes. The local road guys really do a good job looking after Namibia’s roads.

Map of today
Day 5

This is how our day started.
DSCN0163 [800x600]

We headed west and had a strong tail wind pushing us along!
DSCN0165 [800x600]

The roads are quite boring, but I guess I still had a better day than most of you!
DSCN0175 [800x600]

Our first stop was a town by the name of Rundu. Too most of us the name doesnt really ring a bell but bring it up with the old South African war horses and you will start a conversation of bravado and long tales of how that made them the men they are today, how they fought on the border and how a rat pack is by far the most nutritional meal ever!

We filled up in Rundu and headed off to a town by the name of Grootfontein. Little bustling town and home to a once big South Africa air force base. I had to pass through there as my girlfriends dad had spent numerous years in the town and I had to see for myself where all the stories come from.

DSCN0186 [800x600]

After grabbing a bite to eat, some meat for tonights braai (R55 p/kg kudu sosaties) and something to drink we were off. After about 145km we pulled in to the world renound Etosha National park. From the word go we had some hiccups as the place were we wanted to camp had no camping facilities. We tried the lodge on the otherside of the road and this is what greeted us.

DSCN0195 [800x600]

Our local hero informed us of a campsite, wood, ice and free Wifi! 🙂
DSCN0196 [800x600]

Inside the lodges grounds next to Etosha
DSCN0204 [800x600]

Me and Etosha
DSCN0202 [800x600]

Our campsite swimming pool
DSCN0209 [800x600]

My view from where I am writing this post!
DSCN0208 (2) [800x600]

Tommorow is a sad day. Nellie is leaving back to SA to get back to work, its the end of his holiday. I am off to the Angolan border. This for me is where I start my trip around Africa.

Thank you Nellie, Tewie, Deidre and Amanda for riding a portian of the trip with me. I am settled in nicely(sortof), things are starting to get there place in the panniers and I have a slight routine inplace.

I will be doing my next post hopefully from Angola, see you guys there!

Etosha, Namibia

ps. I will be uploading a small clip of today for Oom Jo Feesh! Will let you know were it is!

13 responses to “Day 5… Caprivi to Etosha

  1. Plesiertjie Ri! Sterkte met die volgende chapter, geniet die updates baie en bid elke dag vir jou veiligheid! Amands

  2. Jissie Riaan jy het nou van die beste herinneringe weer in ons laat herleef!! Dit is waar ek en my vroutjie se lewe begin het. Miskien kry ek n werksaanbod en keer weer terug na Duits Wes – die land wat ons so bekoor!!!. Sal dit nie n “treat” wees nie? Dankie vir jou onbaatsugtige bereidwilligheid om ons te verras met die ompad wat jy gery het en die video van Grooties.
    We really liked your video and all the photos you have been posting every day. Thanks for keeping all of us updated and making us feel part of your journey. Drive safe. God bless and remember you are in our prayers – always. Hear from you soon and I will forward you the contact details of a friend in Angola. He will in turn point you in the right direction as far as his contacts in other African countries are concerned. Talk to you soon.

  3. Hey my lief!!! Jy skryf sooooo mooi, Ek mis jou vreeslik!! Mooi ry en geniet Angola!!! Lief vir jou!!! xxxxx

  4. Jy ken my nie, maar ons was saam met Deidre se pa en ma in grootfontein en toe is ons ondangwa toe. Sterkte verder vir die alleen pad bid vir jou en geniet elke dag se update

  5. Awesome stuff Ri-Ri-riaano… Okes in the office are going mad when i showed them the pics and vids… You officially have more fans!! goodluck and ride safe my man!!

  6. Jy sien sulke mooi plekke! Wees gereed vir een van die grootste avonture in Angola, veral as jy bietjie van die gereelde pad af gaan, en vriendelikke mense wat vir jou gaan drinks en selfs kos koop. Maak ook gereed vir paar slegte paaie veral vanaf Xangongo tot Cahama met diep slag gate,dis nou te se as hul dit nie al reg gemaak het nie. Maak vol in die groter dorpe want op die kleiner plekkies koop die swart mark die petrol op en verkoop dit teen 3 keer die prys. Ek hoop jy ken al die basic porra woorde, taal is ‘n uitdaging. Jy gaan ‘n great tyd daar he. Die hotelle is duur,slaap in die bosse,dis veilig,ek het! Dis ‘n pragtigge land, baie seen!

  7. saturday here. on the farm with your mom and sisters. we have been watching your videos and enjoying your blog. Love the african music.
    Spent most of the week re-building a Suzuki RM250 that got forgotten,
    Cant wait for your mom and I to enjoy it.
    Kept hearing your video music over and over while busy on the bike. mom and girls streaming again! stay well Riaan. xxx

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