Day 7… Etosha to Lubango…


The route the last 2 days.
Etosha to Lobito

Where do I start… Lets start with a goodbye.

Nellie and I left Etosha at 7am. He was heading back to SA via his uncle’s farm in Aranos, Namibia and I was heading for the unknown.

The day started out really good. There was a nice cool breeze keeping the pants and jackets tempratures down and a good tar road to get us to the border. We made the 30km to the B1 in no time and I had a last smoke and said our goodbyes!

Leaving Etosha
DSCN0223 [800x600]

Saying our goodbyes.
DSCN0227 [800x600]

I knew I was heading for the unknown once I hit the border town next to Angola. Poeple changed, not that many smiles and waves and I coudnt understand a word they were saying! The crossing with Namibia was long as they didnt know what to do with the Carnet de Passage. I managed to convince them that I knew what I was talking about and I got the stamp done!

Getting to the Angolan side was not so much fun. It must have been 40-45 degrees (:)) and I had all my gear on and trying to figure out where to go. I am still in the paranoid stage where I am too scared to leave my helmet and jacket with the bike. So we start… Passport stamped, check. Next up customs. Me:”Hello, can you stamp my carnet please?” Official:”Você tem que ir lá e pagar 6.331 kwanzas, depois que fazer 4 cópias de seus documentos. Depois que você ir e falar com aquele homem. Depois que você chegou aqui eu carimbar e você vai!” Me: “O Shit!” “Mama Mia” “nou is ek in die k.k” So luckily old Amos was ready to lend a hand at a nominal fee. He could speak what he calls Afrikaans.(Its debatable). Amos was a champ helping me with the paperwork and translating what they call here “Portuguese”. I had to pay $100 to get the bike in but I dont care I was in and getting some air through the old jacket.

I stopped to fill up at the local station. I filled up an empty bike and gave the guy 1000 kwanzas, for those of you that are not familiar with the Angolan currency, thats R100 or $10. Crazy I know, petrol here cost R4.50 per liter. I exchanged some money with the local mafia and I was off. Little did I know what awaited me…

Local mafia.
DSCN0235 [800x600]

I heard the road was bad, I told myself that the road in Lesotho was bad. I know BAD roads… Was I wrong. 100km/4 hours.
DSCN0247 [800x600]

The road was really bad. I had to let the shock cool down a few times.
DSCN0251 [800x600]
DSCN0248 [800x600]

I also found some remains of the war. Now its classics.
DSCN0241 [800x600]

DSCN0240 [800x600]

Eventually the good tar road started (the one I heard off), but I was in a bind. I didnt know if there was more gravel to come and it was getting late. I was going to sleep in Cahama but when I got there a guy told me its tar all the way. I decided to give it a bash to Lubango!

On the way!
DSCN0259 [800x600]

DSCN0260 [800x600]

I was cutting it fine, I was going to break the rule on the first day alone. Riding at night. I reached the town just about as the sun was setting. My GPS read 4km to Casper Lodge, I made it or so I thought. I got stuck in Lubango traffic for 1 hour. Cars and bikes everywhere, pushing screaming and looking for a gap. I was stuck in the middle, I couldnt take a gap as the bike is too wide and I was stuck behind a truck throwing out huge black clouds of smoke. Nice, this is what adventure biking is… yeah right!

I made it eventually after 13 hours on the bike. I was wrecked. I pitched my tent and that was that. I slept on the grass, no energy to put out the stretcher.

I felt so sorry for myself and extremely lonely. I wondered how I was gonna get through the rest of Africa with only my first day alone. I decided to just go too sleep.

Day 7.
I woke up refreshed and ready to git the coastal town of Lobito! I also realised that I had to move my watch an hour back!

My campsite. With free wifi (is was down unluckily)
DSCN0262 [800x600]

Downtown traffic in Lubango
DSCN0264 [800x600]

I headed out west, direction Lobito
DSCN0272 [800x600]

DSCN0269 [800x600]

The road was a good tar road, the scenery started to change and my old friend came to visit me, Mr “I will make you sweat young man.”

Me, hot!
DSCN0276 [800x600]

After 300km I stopped at a newly built service station too escape the mid day heat!
DSCN0280 [800x600]

DSCN0278 [800x600]

I eventually arrived in the coastal town of Lobito. Its a cool little town with a big port. I bought a sim card to message Deidre that I made it. I road around and tried to find place to spend the night. I was directed to Zulu Restaurant. They told me I could camp next to the restaurant on the beach!


I grabbed a beer, cooled down and couldnt wait to have a chat to Deidre.
DSCN0290 [800x600]

DSCN0292 [800x600]

I felt alive again today but also had a lot of thought on the road ahead. Its gonna be tough but I accept the challenge. I am of to Luanda tommorow to meet up with Ferdie. We got in touch via Deidre’s dad and I am looking forward to meeting him.

Thank you for everyones well wishes and comments on the blog it means the world to me. Have an awesome friday where ever you are. I am off to grab a bite to eat and an early night!

Lobito, Angola

17 responses to “Day 7… Etosha to Lubango…

  1. Unknown territiry Riaan, that’s what the adventure is alla about. Nothing exciting about going to a place you already know!
    Ride Safe!

  2. don’t ever feel lonely – we are so may behind you! and the entourage grows with very update you make. well done with the videos. beautifully filmed and edited and the soundtrack is great. Kudos! big

  3. Hi Riaan, well done so far. I’m enjoying your trip, its as close as I will get to doing it myself. I noticed on the video that the front wheel was working your arms on the soft sections well done. When you get to Accra I have a friend who Commanding the Ghana Staff College Brig Gen Issa Wuni, his wife name is Annabel. I will try and make contact with him in case you need support in that neck of the woods. Please pass on my regards to Ferdi. good luck for the
    next stretch Erich

  4. Die videos is amazing!! Dit lyk stunning daar my engel! Jys so IT savvy! Se vir Ferdie ons se baie dankie vir die hulp! Sy pa, ook Ferdie, het saam my ouers in Grootfontein gebly. Safe travels my love! Mis jou ongelooflik baie! Maar sien jou amper! Xxx

  5. Doing this trip with you via photos and especially the videos is so amazing. I know it is a 3-4 hour exercise, but sooooo worthwhile!!! Keep it up and we love you longtime xxx

  6. 10 uit 10 vir jou PUIK website! Die videos maar dit net soveel beter,nou kan ons ‘n oogwink ervaar want wat jy elke dag doen! Die alleen wees is nie altyd so maklik nie, maar jy sal interressante mense ontmoet! Dis so lekker om elke dag jou vordering te sien en jou blog te lees! Baie sterkte aan daai kant en geniet waarlik elke oomblik! Ons bid en dink aan jou Riaan!! cheers

  7. Hallo Riaan

    Dit is werklik iets wat ek wou doen, jy moet dit geniet en thanks vir die blog hou so aan.

  8. Hi hoop dit gaan goed ons kyk vir jou laat bietjie weet hoeveel kilometers jy al gery het groete andre aj autoworld

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