Day 3… Botswana Baby!

I am in Botswana!

What a hectic couple of days. Everything went to the extremes. My emotions, the lean angle of the bike and how full the Zambezi river can possibly get.

Map of my route so far.

Day one started off with only 3 hours of sleep and a mild hangover from my going away party the previous night.
We headed north to the Botswana border.
The bike was loaded like a caravan hence all the waves from all the camper poeple passing me. I felt quite honoured because I had a small convoy following me from JHB to the border.

We exited Groblersbrug border post and headed north to Palapye…
We stayed at an old favourite Camp Itumela in Palapye.

Day 2 started with quite a few mishaps. I dropped the bike at the petrol station while filling up with fuel and lost the rasta earphones giving to me by my mate before I left Joburg, not too bad I guess. I got too feel what its like too pick up the bike/caravan. There was also quite a few tears and goodbyes( I also had a bit of an open tap while saying goodbye to Deidre).
We headed north destination Kasane. Riding in Southern Botswana is quite boring, there is so much cattle on the road and not really much to see but once you hit Nata the fun starts. The road has been rebuilt and the African Bushveld really starts to come alive. Nata is home of the Makgadigadi Pans, one of the largest salt pans in the world.

Heading north you start seeing elephant dung in the road, broken trees and then just around the corner you run into the old favourite The African Elephant.
DSCN0052 [Desktop Resolution]

Kasane is an amazing place and one of my favourite destinations in southern africa. I have ridden here before with a few friends and on one occasion with Deidre. Its a small town in northern Botswana were Zimbabwe, Namibia and Zambia come together next to the Chobe River. We stayed in the Chobe Safari Lodges campsite. Kasane has everything you need, small restaurants and various shops and amazing sunsets!

Maize and Barley hops on the way to Kasane
DSCN0050 [Desktop Resolution]
DSCN0056 [Desktop Resolution]
DSCN0065 [Desktop Resolution]
Our campsite… First camp on my trip.
DSCN0069 [Desktop Resolution]
During the night hippo’s were playing in the river not 50m from our campsite. What a way to fall asleep.
The next morning we also had some visitors.
DSCN0067 [Desktop Resolution]

Today we headed off to the majestic Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Not my first visit but still an amazing sight to see. The road from Kasane to the town of Victoria Falls is a wonderfull blend of African bushveld and long winding roads.
DSCN0088 [Desktop Resolution]
The Victoria Falls
DSCN0082 [Desktop Resolution]

Tommorow we are off to the Caprivi in Northern Namibia.

Sorry for the short post, we have some boerewors to braai and a bottle of rum to tackle. I will be uploading all the video’s of Botswana and Zimbabwe as soon as I am done editing. I will also compile a photo gallery for the 2 countries asap!

Have a good one, keep us in your prayers and see you in Namibia!

Kasane, Botswana

10 responses to “Day 3… Botswana Baby!

  1. Hey Riaan, Baie geluk met die eerste 3 dae, wat die aontuur nou lekker maak is dat jy net alhoe verder en verder van die huis af wegry en jy verken nou nuwe terrein! Eks baie bly jyt ‘n goeie wegspring gehad, dis een van daai gedagtes wat jou altys sal bybly! Baie sterkte, God seen!

  2. Thanks for the interesting update!! Oom Johann se: “ry hom bloots boetie!!” Love you longtime xxx

  3. Really exciting…can picture the bush etc….you make one realise how much one can miss it…Keeping up the prayers….have a super safe trip..xxxx

  4. how exciting. you are very brave. we will be following you. i spent several months on impelele island where the countries meet. very beautiful. good tiger fishing in chobe and zambezi rivers.all the best.

  5. Ek het ‘n vorige keer ook gecomment maar lyk nie dit het deurgetrek nie!! Eks so bly alles gaan goed en dat jy en Nellie mooi ry. Enjoy baby!! Mis jou! xxx

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