3 days to go! Nerves, excitement and looking forward…

With only 3 days to go before departure I am sitting and waiting for the time to pass. Its a funny feeling leaving your loved ones and friends behind. Everybody is so into the trip, it feels as if it is everybody’s trip and that everyone should be coming along.

The other part of it is that there are so many strangers showing interrest. The emails, well wishes etc has been overwhelming. Jay from jamminglobal.com phoned me last night and told me that “no matter how tough it gets just remember that there are so many poeple who are dreaming of what you are doing, on those days you ride for them.” I liked that idea. I think of all the guys I followed on the web and the guys that gave me advise and with a drop of a hat was prepared to answer any question I had.

I think as a biker you have the responsibility to give back what the other overlanders/ adventure bikers gave me by keeping the blog updated and making sure the info isnt half arse.

So I am looking forward to blogging as much as possible. I will also be taking alot of videos and putting them on the blog for everybody to feel as much as possible a part of this trip.

Just to give some off you an idea of how crazy it is. I have not even started yet and my blog has been read in 50 different countries around the world.

I am leaving Saterday morning at 8am. I have 2 friends riding up with me from SA up until northern Namibia. Let me introduce them.
Riaan Nel
Riaan Nel

Then a special thanks to these guys. Your advise, motivation has been invaluable.
Lodie De Jager

Then also a special thanks to Jaco. He is looking after all my stuff while I am gone and has been at my righthand side all along. Dankie Jaco, mens kan wens vir n vriend soos jy!

And then offcourse Deidre my girlfriend. Dankie dat jy so vasbyt! Ek is verewig dankbaar dat jy my so ondersteun! Venice, Venice, Venice!

And to all my friends and family that has supported me. I am forever indebted to you!

First blog will be in the heart of Botswana. Looking forward to sharing it with you!


ps. If anybody reading this want to join us on Saterday morning let me know!

4 responses to “3 days to go! Nerves, excitement and looking forward…

  1. wees veilig….maar geniet elke oomblik! dink aan jou en is saam met jou in gedagtes. xxxx

  2. Was awesome dat ek en jou fish n deel kon saam doen vandag en gister! Blaas vir daai sexy kerel van my n groot soen hier van joburg af en se vir hom eks lief vir hom! Geniet elke sekonde! Dis jiu adventure of a lifetime

  3. Mis jou al klaar so baie!!! Ek check die heeltyd jou blog om te sien wat jy doen. Lief vir jou my engel!!! Always! x

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