Visa’s…Day 6 – One Congo to the next.

I got up this morning very nervous and full of doubt over various elements of the trip. It differs from day to day, most days i am convident and eager to go, other days i am a ball of stress and confusion.

Confusion is a funny thing. During my planning stages, which was a couple of months, i made sure that all potential problems with either the bike or paperwork is solved. I made sure that my mind was at ease with whatever decision i made ie. replace rear shock or not, get second passport, take original registration doc with etc. Unfortunatly Murphy’s Law book of Confusion comes into play. 6 weeks to go and i am still wandering if i should replace a clutch, a shock etc.

Anyways be that as it may, i am leaving the 2nd March. I have no choice in the matter as i got my DRC visa today!!!!! But i have to exit the county by the first week in April so i dont have the luxury of stalling a few weeks.

I also dropped my application with the Poeples Republic Of Congo and can collect on thursday morning. 🙂


Documents required-

2 photos
Copy of the bike registration document
R500 cash

6 weeks to go!


One response to “Visa’s…Day 6 – One Congo to the next.

  1. We are experiencing the same yo-yo feelings Riaan!! Good luck… are well on your way:-)

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