Where to put all the stuff?

I have been going through all my equipment/luggage/spares today. I made an inventory and started seeing where everything would go.

There is only 3 panniers and a tank bag and I must have over 200 items to pack. Well its done, I had to chuck some stuff to get everything to fit but its in and weighs a ton.



























I dropped in at the UK Visa Centre today to drop my of application. Its weird dealing with a 1st world Embassy again. Everything is so organised and strict. I decided today that I like applying for African visa’s better.

Hopefully if all goes well I will have my new rebuilt shock on Monday. The guys at MP Custom Valve is rebuilding a shock that was graciously given to me by James at www.4stroke.co.za at no charge. James you are the man.

Lenny and the boys at Bavarian Motorad will go through the bike for the final time on Thursday next week. Will also be picking up some spares that might come in handy along the way.

The bad news is I will have to postpone my departure by 1 week due to the Schengen Visa.

Thats it for now…



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