Visas’s…Day 14 – 37 days to departure.

I have realised its hard work to try and get your work done or try not getting fired and rush around all day trying to get all the visa applications in. I made a new friend and learned new ways and means of doing things all in one day in 41*C heat in Pretoria yesterday.


I got my passport back from the friendly guys at Cameroon Embassy. Problably the easiest embassy so far, but not far behind is Burkina Faso.


Ladies and Gentleman the infamous Angolan visa… Drum roll please.


Jip i got it. Wasnt as bad as i thought it would be. I have heard a lot of horror stories about the visa and the time its takes to acquire one. I had to go back twice to hand in the application, but all went fairly smooth.

After collecting my two passports i hussled to get them handed in on time at the two new embassies on my list. Ghana was first. I prepare all documents and applications before i go to the embassies to try and save time and hassle. While at the Ghanaian embassy i enquired about the method of payment for the visa, cash, card etc. I was introduced to a postal order…

A Postal Order: I found two desciptions on google of what a postal order is.
1. A written order for the payment of a sum of money to an individual, obtainable and payable at a post office.
2. The way Napoleon paid for supplies in 1814 just before he lost the Battle of Waterloo.

Im sure you catch my drift. Anyways while i arrived 5 min before cut off time a friendly guy tapped me on my back and said: “Boet jy kort 4 van daai” (Brother you need 4 of those) i asked him for what stupid reason i had to have 4 completed application forms? He said “just do it” and “here is some glue, make sure your photos is pasted on.” Yes you are right i had to compete 4 application forms in 3 min.

So after the rushed completion of forms and glue still sticking to my fingers they accepted my application.

I rushed over to the Burkina Faso Embassy in the hope that they were still open (cut off times are usually at 12pm) to my suprise the lady behind the counter said: “Oui, we are open.”


Her name was Elodie and she was very cool. She advised me to deposit the money for the visa at Nedbank and return. I told her that i will only return during her lunch time. She replied by saying that its no problem.

She worked with a plan however. When i returned she said to me “you go to Kinshasa?” I obviously am and she asked if i could drop a small package for her baby en route. “Cool!” I replied “but on one condition, you get your brother to help me with a place to sleep for the night and help me organise the ferry to Brazzaville.” Deal done.

Documentation for Ghana and Burkina Faso:

Ghana 4 photos, Burkina 1 photo
Letter of employment
Confirmation of accommodation booking
Copy yellow fever certificate
Bike registration document
International Drivers

With 37 days to departure i am hoping to get all my visas in time and I still have a few things on the to do list.


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  1. Jou stories lees so lekker…wat van n boek skryf!! Trots op jou.
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